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I'm Jana, a creative designer + developer based in Zurich, Switzerland. As a freelancer I work with agencies, companies and individuals to help them be great at what they do. Or become even greater.

Besides being a (web) designer and developer, I especially see myself as a problem-solver, making the complicated simple. It’s crucial for me to always find the best solution for the individual challenges my clients may experience and solve them through a mix of design, technology and communication solutions.

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I pour my heart into every design

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Web Design +
WordPress Development + Online Shop

Die Firma Huber

Brand Identity, Web Design + Wordpress Theme Development

Hairfree & Aesthetics

Web Design, Copywriting +
WordPress Development

Kinderhilfe Königstein e.V.

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Every company is created with a purpose.

The key to success is knowing your story — who you are and why you’re doing what you’re doing — and communicating it in a consistent and powerful way to your customers.

Jana Lux

Creative Developer + Founder

What is your

Web Design

In today’s digital world, it’s more important than ever to stand out with a powerful and unique website that supports your brand and speaks to your clients.  A visually attractive design and an intuitive user-experience are crucial to stand out and turn your visitors into potential customers.

Web Development

A clean coded, secure and well functional website is equally important as having a great design. I work with two content-management systems: WordPress and Webflow. No matter which one we choose for your project, I will develop  a custom theme based on your individual  needs.

Brand Strategy

One question I will ask all of my clients is why they're doing what they're doing - in other words: what's your (business') purpose? Before we get to your brand identity, it's crucial to understand your business strategy and use it as the foundation for everything else.

Brand Identity

A branding is so much more than just a logo and some colors. It's your identity and how you want to be perceived: evoking the right emotions, telling a consistent story about your business and connecting with your target-audience.

Content Strategy

The right content helps you to communicate your business' message clearer and keep potential customers engaged with your business and services. Part of that is not only copywriting but also photography, videography and other visuals.

Project Management

As a project manager, I will be the link between your clients, partners and internal team members to help you define a comprehensive strategy and successfully execute your next  project, allowing your team to achieve meaningful collaboration as well as drive better results.

Reach your peak

Lux Expressions. is based in Zurich but Partnering with local and international businesses as well as individuals that value design just as much as I do.

Simple + user-friendly design solutions that bring brands to live and tell your story in a powerful way.

Beauty + Cosmetics

Health Care + Catering

Real Estate


Consulting + Coaching


Are you a non-profit organisation? A start-up looking for your first website? Or a big company who needs support for a new project? Drop me a message and we will tackle your next challenge together!


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