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Die Firma Huber

Professional Online-Shop.

Lux Expressions had already redesigned the website of Huber, a caterer in Bad Homburg, in 2020. Since the caterer is responsible for the catering during breaks at the Frankfurt Opera and there were logistical challenges in accepting orders via the contact form, the client hired Lux Expressions. to expand their website with an online shop.

The online shop was developed with WordPress and WooCommerce and, in addition to the actual ordering process, offers many other important features such as limiting the maximum number of orders per performance, the automatic removal of the event 24 hours before the start of the respective performance, the creation of cumulative reports in the XLS Format and the automatic sending of confirmation emails including invoices to the customers.

The online shop comes with a flexible CMS, which allows the client to independently create and edit products / performances and manage incoming orders.

The result is a modern and professional online shop, which offers opera guests a convenient way to oder and pay for food and drinks from home. At the same time, it provides Huber an efficient way of managing the ordering process.

Professional Webdesign
Responsive Website Design
WooCommerce Online Shop


Features of the Onlineshop.

• Developed with WordPress and WooCommerce

• Two separate Online-Shop pages for the Orangerie and breaks during opera performances

• Ability to limit the maximum number of orders per performance

• Each performance is automatically removed from the shop 24 hours before the start

• Creation of a cumulative report in XLS format

• Automatic sending of confirmation emails including invoices to customers

• Flexible CMS allowing products and performances to be created and edited

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