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Hairfree & Aesthetics

Minimalistic + Modern

Hairfree & Aesthetics originally started as new business in 2015 known as 'Hairfree4you'. Over the past few years, Hairfree4you continued to develop and expand their range of services. With the move to a new, larger location, it was the right time to also update the corporate identity as well as the outdated website to reflect the changes of the prior years.

This is how 'Hairfree4you' became Hairfree & Aesthetics - and Lux Expressions. was hired to support the owner, Aysun Teke-Basun, in this process. Ms. Teke-Basun and her team have been experts in permanent hair removal and facial as well as body treatments since their opening in 2015. They only work with the best and most professional technologies. The new business name needed to reflect the expanded range of services. In addition to finding a new business name, a completely new brand identity was created, including a color palette, logo type and symbol, typography as well as matching mood images.

The result is a modern and minimalist branding, which focuses on nude colors with the intention to express a welcoming atmosphere, professionalism as well as inclusion & diversity. The new brand identity was immediately used as a basis to design business cards, other stationery templates and the heart of the project: the new website.

The website was developed as a custom theme with WordPress and ACF Pro. Therefore, the client has a very flexible CMS - a mini page builder, so to speak - in which she can edit, exchange and rearrange the predefined sections. Of course, any text and images can also be edited and new pages can be created.

Web Design & Concept
Responsive Web Design
Custom WordPress Development

Brand Identity.

Friendly + Professional.

The new branding was created to reflect the expanded range of services, but at the same time also the warmth and professionalism of the successful team. A completely new concept for Hairfree & Aesthetics was designed in close cooperation within a 3-hour strategy workshop.

Afterwards, Lux Expressions. implemented the new concept into a brand identity and designed various suggestions regarding color palette, logo type and symbol, typography and mood images. The result is a discreet, professional and modern branding.

The logo type was purposely designed to be as simple as possible so that it is easy to read and to recognize. The logo symbol on the other hand, consists of 3 different symbols: the initials “H” and “A” and a circle, which is intended to reflect inclusion and diversity.

Authentic. Professional. Friendly.

Website Design + Development.

Modern + Flexible

Based on the new brand identity, the website was also completely new redesigned. For this purpose, a new wireframe with a significantly improved UX (user experience) was created. The individual pages were then designed in a minimalist and modern web design. Lux Expression. was responsible for the website concept, the site architecture as well as the web design and optimization of the contents.

After the new website was designed in a prototype, Lux Expressions. developed a custom WordPress theme - specially tailored to the needs of the customer. The very flexible CMS (Content Management System) was developed as a "mini page builder" in order to guarantee the client the greatest possible flexibility when maintaining the website. Meaning, the client can not only maintain and edit the contents of the website herself, but can also create new pages as well as sections.

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