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Lux Expressions was hired by Dr. Sipos, a successful physician in the field of hair transplantation, to redesign her branding and take it to the next level. The branding and logo were outdated and in urgent need of modernization.

We conducted an extensive branding workshop to understand the client's needs and fulfill their vision of a professional, modern, and minimalist style. Our goal was to reflect our client's values and visions in their new branding and give them a strong brand identity that appeals to their target audience and helps them establish themselves as a leading authority in their field.

The result was a completely new brand identity and brand strategy that perfectly reflects the physician's values and visions and takes her brand to a new level. This includes a new color palette, appropriate fonts, a unique logo design, as well as a brand values and a value proposition. With this fresh look and strong brand identity, Dr. Sipos can position herself as a leading provider in the field of hair transplantation and better reach her target audience.

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Logo Design
Value Proposition


Logo Design.

As part of our branding redesign project, we completely revamped the logo. The goal was to develop a modern, minimalist design that reflects our client's values and visions and appeals to their target audience.

We created various design drafts and, after extensive feedback rounds with the client, agreed on a logo that fully met their expectations. The result is a unique and meaningful logo that perfectly embodies our client's new brand identity.


Color palette.

The color scheme was another important aspect of the project. Our goal was to create a color palette that is timeless, natural, and includes modern colors that can represent the brand in the long run.

After careful analysis, we decided on a combination of subtle pastel colors that have a calming and trustworthy effect and are as gender-neutral as possible. These colors were chosen so that they can be used effectively on various marketing materials and allow for seamless integration into the overall brand identity.

Brand Strategie.

During the intensive branding workshop, we conducted a detailed analysis of our client, competitors, target audience, and market conditions. Based on this foundation, we developed a customized brand strategy, including brand values and value proposition, tailored to the specific needs of Dr. Sipos.

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