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Debbie-Kristin Schaller

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Letting go of old things, bringing back your energy, be loving and patient with yourself - Debbie-Kristin Schaller is an integrative nutritionist according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and has made it her version to help as many people as possible to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

During her training as an integrative nutrition expert with Dr. Claudia Nichterl, Debbie learned a lot from the classic nutritional sciences and the teachings of traditional Chinese medicine - the best of East and West.

Lux Expressions. was hired to support Ms. Schaller on her big step into self-employment. In close cooperation, a harmonious brand identity and strategy was created, including color palette, typography, logo, tagline and mood images.

Zusätzlich wurde ein Fotoshooting durchgeführt, um die Kundin sowie ihre Mops-Hündin, Remmi, im besten Licht darzustellen. Im letzten Schritt wurden alle Bestandteile zusammengeführt und ein professioneller Internetauftritt erstellt. Durch das für die Kundin individuell erstellte WordPress CMS, können die Inhalte der Website selbst bestimmt und geändert werden.

In addition, a photo shoot with the client and her pug, Remmi, was done. In the last step, all elements were brought together and a professional website was created. The content of the website can be adjusted with the WordPress CMS which was custom created for the client.

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